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Welcome to Quadwiki

My name is Dave, and I had a diving accident on 6/30/2001 which left me a C5 quadriplegic. Over the years, I've learned a few tricks that I want to share with other quads and able bodied people who are interested in what it takes to live as a quadriplegic.

After 15+ years, I feel like I've put my life back together to something that resembles "normal". The way that I got here was by fixing little problems one-by-one until life started getting easier. As I fixed each problem I encountered, I felt better in two ways. First, there was the relief that I no longer had to deal with that problem. Second, I felt more in control of my environment. Knowing that I have the power to make positive changes in my life is very important to me.

When I was first injured, I went from a very independent young man, to a completely dependent person. Since then, I've had to relearn everything. And I mean everything. I always wished that there was a quad "manual", that I could read that would help me figure out how to live as a quadriplegic. So here it is, an online how-to on being a quadriplegic.

There are a ton of online resources out there, but this on is tailored for quadriplegics.

Hopefully, this wiki will help make your life or someone you knows life a bit easier.